Friday, 20 January 2012

Dark Angels

If you say the words “dark angels” to someone, they will immediately think of demons, but this is not the case. Dark Angels are the Angels that come to us in the darkest times of our lives. After having an experience with my own dark Angel, I was inspired to write this workshop to help others understand the role dark angels play in our lives.

The word Angel means “messenger” and that is the role they have played, a kind of intermediary between man and ‘God’. Most Christians know the story of Satan (Sataniel or sometimes Sammiel) God’s favourite Angel, the brightest, lightest of the Angels. The story goes, he  contrived  "to make his throne higher than the clouds over the earth and resemble “My power on high", and so Satan-Sataniel was hurled down, with his hosts of angels, and since then, he has been flying in the air continually above the abyss.

This story, from the second book of Enoch, seems to confirm that Angels are both good and bad – light and dark. This would make sense when we consider the duality of all things. Night and day, black and white, male and female. Angels have a dual role in their dealings with humans. 

However, I think we have to really look at just exactly who the dark Angels are – they are not the fallen. The fallen angels are what we would call “demons” and attend Satan, tempting mankind and generally mischief making.

Dark Angels are Angels who work for the benefit of mankind, but come to us during our darkest hours.

I have experienced the help of a Dark Angel, first hand, and over the time he was with me, I learned that everyone has their own “dark angel” who works specifically with them.  They have a slightly different energy to the light angels, but they certainly do not feel negative, and are ultimately with us for our benefit.

Archangel Azrael is also the Angel who takes souls back home – he is often seen waiting to lovingly guide someone into the spirit world.

I have asked friends over the past couple of years, if they have had experience with dark angels.  One friend who I will call  “S” told me this story..

“ One day I was on the phone to a friend, talking about my son, when I became aware of an entity nearby. I was shocked, particularly when I realised it was an angel. It had a very serene face and simply looked intently at me.

Some months later my son was diagnosed with brain cancer, and he passed into spirit. Although it was the worst thing that had happened to me, I do believe my dark angel was there to comfort me and give me strength during this terrible period of my life”

Another tells this story:

When I was a child (2 years old), my paternal grandmother was diagnosed with liver cancer. The doctors couldn't do anything about her, just to implant an artificial item that would assist the remaining liver. My grandmother came to Greece (the place where I lived until I was five) and decided to make the surgery there.
One day before the surgery, my father saw a vision (not a dream). My father just got home late from work and went to the bed. I was sleeping in my small bed, while my mother was watching TV. My father took a shower, drank a glass of milk and went to bed. My parents turned off the TV and fell asleep. After a few hours, around 4:00 am, my father suddenly woke up. He heard a strong noise coming from outside the house. My mother didn't wake up, only my father.
Suddenly, he heard the door knob getting opened and the door started slowly opening. My father was staring at the door and was terrified to see the Archangel of Death, standing at the opened door. My father describes him as being tall, thin, and muscular and having a pair of black, feathered wings. He had a hood and had a pale skin, along with black eyes and hair. He held a large scythe in his hand and a large cloak, covering his thin body. He started staring at my father for a few seconds. My father went from being terrified got curious and confused.
My father asked him "What do you want? Why you are here?" However, the angel didn't respond, just kept staring at my father. Finally, my father got the point of the angel's visit and asked "Is my mother going to die?". Death closed his eyes and lowered his head, showing sadness and desperation. He slowly left the room and closed the door, leaving my father alone.
The next morning, my father went to the church near our house and told the priest about the vision and the encounter with the angel. The priest got terrified and told my father that the angel is called Azrael and is the Archangel of Death! A few days later, my grandmother took the surgery and it was unsuccessful. She died a few days after the surgery.
My father remembered Azrael and the sadness that he showed when my father asked him. Nowadays, we live in Albania and my father still tells this story every time that I ask him about grandmother. It terrifies me when I think that I have stood in the same room with Death long ago and that my father actually spoke to him.”

Azrael is indeed the angel of death, but he does not come simply to collect souls. He is also there to support us through times of grief, along with Archangel Michael.
If you are going through the grieving process at the moment, ask Azrael and Michael to be by your side, helping you to cope and give you strength. If you ask, they WILL come. 

Angel Blessings until next time

Sue Treanor

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