Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Angels and Colour - Archangel Chamuel and the Colour Pink

Archangel Chamuel's name means 'comfort and compassion of God' and as such he governs all areas of love and kindness - including love for yourself. Chamuel can help you rid yourself of feelings of  selfishness, self-dislike and low self esteem.

Chamuel will help with any relationship issues you may have, whether they be with a partner, family and friends or work colleagues. You can try asking Chamuel to speak with your own Guardian Angel and the Guardian Angel of the other party, to try and resolve any issues you may have. He can help you find new friends and also help protect you against malice, slander and general misunderstandings. He is excellent to call upon if you require any kind of smoothing over or reconciliation. In conjunction with Raphael he is a powerful healer of rifts.

Chamuel governs the pink ray of love and compassion and the ruby ray of passion. If you need help with addictions, anger, depression or compulsive behaviour, call on Chamuel to be with you and guide you.

Chamuel is also the angel to call upon if you have lost something which you have mislaid.

Chamuel's colours are pink as we have said and also pale shades of green, as he works with the heart chakra.

The crystals to use when calling upon Chamuel are Roze Quartz and  Rhodochrosite.

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